Is this what they mean by a just society?

I heard on the news this weekend that Rose Gibb, the former CEO of the Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust is to get a £75,000 pay-off after being forced to resign her post. The reason for her resignation is the small matter of the deaths of 90 people through contracting infections from poorly cleaned hospitals, the responsibility for which of course rests with the organsation that Gibb oversaw. You can read all about it on the excellent Burning Our Money blog here

There are several things that really upset me about this story. Firstly, the fact that public money should be used to reward Gibb for such monumental incompetance is nothing short of disgusting. She should actually be in prison for criminal negligence. Secondly, the fact that Gibb has the affrontery to claim money from the public purse in this way reveals just what a living shit of a human being she actually is. Thirdly, while I can scarcely imagine the torment that the families of those people that died must be feeling, I can all-too-easily envisage the fight they’ll have on their hands to receive a pittance in compensation. It really depresses me that such injustice can be wrought on innocent people – destroying lives, while the guilty are free to swan off clearly remorse-free and with a considerable sum of our money.