A sad state of affairs

In the latest shocking screw-up by the NHS, a young Philipino mother (actually a healthcare professional herself) was killed by some idiot nurse administering an epidural intravenously. The interesting thing in this case is that it is actually the NHS that has been found guilty of unlawful killing, as opposed to the nurse. This is the first time this kind of judgement has been made and is surely a landmark in Labour’s scandalous destruction of the NHS.

What has made this story even worse is the news that the poor girl’s husband – also Philipino – now is due to be deported thanks to the insane immigration laws in this country. So, just to recap: This young professional family comes to the UK in the hope of a better life and to raise a family; the young mother is killed by an incompetant and ill-qualified NHS nurse, and her husband is subsequently thrown out of the country. Wonderful. Makes you wonder if we can even call oursleves a civilised society anymore.