Archie whips up a storm

Having wandered into the socio-political minefield that is our so-called multicultural society, Archie’s quite clearly put in his foot in it – or rather, on it-with his remarks that sharia law is inevitable in the UK . The explosion of public outcry will reverberate for quite some time. And with good reason. I have long puzzled about the equanimity with which the long-suffering British public seems to have accepted one blunder after another from the present establishment. But history shows all too clearly what the powers that be seem to have forgotten: The British people can be extremely tolerant, but only to a point. It could very well be that the remarks of the Archbishop of Canterbury may have been a step too far into the realms of wishy-washy liberalism.

At last, people seem to be publicly saying that enough is enough when it comes to pandering to the demands of an alien culture whose vowed intent seems to be to become the dominant force in British society. My own view – and one that I suspect is shared by the majority of people in this country – is that of “when in Rome…” If muslims find our laws and culture so intolerable, then they should perhaps consider relocating to a country more acceptable to their sensibilities. However I suspect that the reason they don’t seem to be too keen to do that is because they know all too well that they would not be allowed the freedom of expression that they enjoy in this country. The appalling case of Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh being a notable recent example.

The word “hypocrisy” springs unbidden to mind.