Another immigration smokescreen

I notice that the topic of immigration has once again reared its head in the media. And once again, we are hearing tough words from Smith, Brown et al about how they are going to tackle the issue. And once again, either by stupidity or by design, they’ve missed the bloody point. Instead of tackling the real issues, they are once again using blunderbus legislation which unfairly penalises the long-suffering, law-abiding residents like us without touching those individuals causing all the problems.

Smith is talking about making it even tougher to stay in the UK if you are from outside the EU. So that’s families like us, forced to cough up even larger sums of money (we’ve spent £2,500 in the last 3 years just to keep our family together) and jump through even more ridiculous hoops (“Life in the UK” etc). Meanwhile, the country is flooded with hordes of East Europeans, causing huge pressures on our ailing law enforcement, health and social services. It’s a classic bit of sleight of hand from this government: distract the public with a bit of finger pointing and tough talk, while completely ignoring the real problem.

My wife views this attitude as pure racism, and I find it hard to argue with that. This government’s attittude seems to be to pick on the brown, black and yellow skinned people, while allowing the white-skinned christians from Europe to flood in unchecked. For proof about this government’s bias, look at recent cases like that poor Philipino guy whose wife was killed by an incompetant NHS trust, or the case of Hartley Alleyne– a former West Indian test cricketer and teacher in Canterbury for 30 years – threatened with deportation because he didn’t have the right NVQ.

I absolutely refute the argument that mass migration from East Europe is delivering any kind of benefit to this country. Even the ones that are working legally and paying taxes do so at a lower rate than their native counterparts, thus devaluing the work market. Speak to any plumber or carpenter if you don’t believe me. The money they earn is invariably sent back to their home country and so does nothing to benefit our economy.

So while this government steals the headlines with tough talk about immigration, law-abiding and valued contributors to our society are turned away by punitive legislation, while the tsunami of unskilled East European immigrants continues unchecked. Brilliant strategy. I can’t wait to leave.