The shamefaced idiot of Europe

Given the revelation that perhaps the “special relationship” isn’t so special after all, maybe it’s time to consider a bit of rebranding for the UK. My suggestion would be to replace the proud British lion with a toothless, naive and trusting puppy dog. Maybe we could call it Tony.

I find it hard to understand why our politicians seem unable to grasp the most basic fact about American foreign policy: It exists solely to protect American interests. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a naive fool. There is no special relationship, and I don’t believe there ever was. Where was the USA in 1940 when we stood alone against Hitler?

Tony Blair and his idiot cohorts fell hook line and sinker for Bush’s lies and misinformation. Ignoring the justified scepticism of our more mature European cousins (not to mention the 2 million people who marched in central London against the war), Blair blindly followed the American line without question, taking us into an illegal and pointless war which has destroyed the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. To say we look pretty bloody stupid is a bit of an understatement.

We have gained nothing by war in Iraq except making ourselves the number one target for terrorists. Brave British soldiers are risking their lives every day, fighting a war that brings us nothing. America, on the other hand, now has control of the second largest oil reserves on the planet, which they are busy pumping out through a newly constructed oil terminal in Israel.

The word I would use for what Blair and Campbell, Straw and all the others have done is treason. Until recently, we used to shoot people for it. If only….