Who needs a "mother" like this?

The BBC today reported that the mother of the British teenager murdered in Goa is to be questioned about her possible negligence in allowing her 15 year old daughter to stay alone which she swanned off to another part of India. It has now come to light that the murdered girl was having a sexual relationship with the older man the mother had entrusted with her daughter’s care. On top of that, it transpires that the girl was last seen at a bar, where she was reportedly “off her face” on drink and drugs the night she was killed.

And they are questioning the mother about “possible” negligence? I’ve never heard of a clearer case of wanton neglect. What kind of digusting excuse for a mother entrusts her daughter’s safety to a paedophile while she endulges her selfish whims? Her pathetic whining about how she was “naive” is presumably meant as some kind of excuse for her failure. From the look of her, the mother is some kind of hippy/new age traveller hangover who clearly feels under no obligation to adhere to any kind of standard that most people would consider normal. Clearly, she feels it is perfectly acceptable for her 15 year old daughter to indulge in drinking, drugs and under age sex. Wrong. If it’s the case that she was aware of all this going on, she should be bloody well locked up as an accomplice to murder, as by her neglect, her selfishness and lack of parental control, she is just as guilty as the murder themself.