IND guilty of "atrocious barbarism"

Regular readers will no doubt be fully aware of the low regard in which I hold the idiots in charge of immigration in this country. But this week, even I was astonished to discover the depths of inhumanity that these slimy jobsworths have now reached. In a decision labelled “atrocious barbarism” by no less a publication than the Lancet, our friends at the Home Office Immigration & Nationality Directorate forcibly expatriated a Ghanan woman dying of cancer. The life-saving treatment she desperately needed was not available in her native Ghana, and so the victim, Mrs Sumani, died shortly afterwards. Mrs Sumani is survived by two children. Friends in the UK had raised over £60,000 to bring her back to the UK for the treatment she so desperately needed, but unfotunately the help came too late.

Mrs Sumani had apparently come to the UK to study, but became ill while she was here. Unluckily for Mrs Sumani, and unlike the hundreds of thousands of immigrants who intentionally enter this country illegally, the IND knew exactly where she could be found and so she presented an easy addition to this month’s deportation tally. We have to meet those targets, after all.

Lin Homer, the agency’s chief executive, is reported as commenting: “The case was carefully considered by both trained caseworkers but also through the independent judicial process, which is better and fairer than a decision by me as chief executive or by the minister.”

Irrespective of the legal technicalities, how any human being can carefully consider the pros and cons of this case and conclude that condemning another human being to death is the correct course of action to take completely elludes me. I fervently hope that Lin Homer and all her lackies at the IND suffer the same agonising and undiginified deaths that they consigned Mrs Sumani to. Furthermore, I hope the bastards rot in hell for all eternity afterwards – a fate they so richly deserve.