Not sorry to leave…

These are difficult times for your humble scribe. There are a lot of things to organise in the last few weeks I have left here. It’s an awesome task to tackle single handed, especially as I also have to keep the business afloat at the same time. But that’s all part of the plan so it’s not exactly a surprise. What has surprised me has been my feelings about my impending departure.

Basically, I can’t wait. Now this has taken me a little by surprise. By now, I had expected to be in the grip of a full-body panic about leaving the familiar surroundings of the the UK. But far from it. The reality is actually quite the reverse. The reason for my keenness is mainly down to just one thing: Everyone is so bloody rude here. People have seemingly completely lost the concept of consideration for others. From the braying pillocks who invaded the Phoenix on Friday night, spoiling everyone’s evening, to the screaming children running unchecked around the Miller’s Arms (where I am at present) there seems to be no end to the irritations. You just don’t get that in Japan. Like I said, I can’t wait