Welcome to my blog – my own little corner of the internet where I can vent frustration, pass judgement, point fingers, laugh, cry, document, observe, analyse, speculate and pontificate on whatever grabs my attention at any particular point in time.  It is my unique personal diary that has been my companion and confidante for a number of years now, through good times and bad. I post when I have something to say, and I have the time to express it, so sometimes that means long gaps between posts. I don’t have any agenda and I don’t particularly care if anyone reads what I’ve written. But if someone does, and if, as a result, they are amused, helped or inspired to do something good, that makes me very happy.

The title “Oikaze” (追い風) has several meanings for me. The literal translation from Japanese means “Tailwind” and in that sense it conveys my continuing slight sense of bewilderment that a simple lad such as myself has ended up living here  in Japan, a country that I have loved deeply and completely since arriving here many years ago. And, of course, “Tailwind” could also refer to wind coming from one’s tail…of which there is a considerable volume to be found herein.

Finally, Oikaze is one technique from the Muso Jikiden Eishin Ryu school of Japanese swordsmanship, of which I can claim some modest knowledge.

About me

Middle-aged, balding bon viveur with a love of craft beers, mountains, forests and wild places – in particular Japan’s ever-changing and wonderfully diverse countryside. I enjoy reading, cooking, eating, music, art & design, history, philosophy and thinking about stuff.  I am an engineer by both temperament and training, and have retained a little boy’s fascination for science and things that go “bang”, “whoosh” or “whee” etc. I like to exercise but I’m not obsessive about it. I enjoy being outdoors, but I love the joy of home life equally well.


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